How To Make an XR app

Since the release of the Oculus DK1, virtual reality (VR) development has significantly advanced, leading to an abundance of games and applications that utilize the immersive and spatial interfaces of VR technology. Augmented reality (AR), on the other hand, has not been as widely adopted, with devices such as the HoloLens for wearable AR and screen-based AR on iPhone and Android devices.

XR represents a significant development in the field, allowing for the creation of applications that function across both VR and AR devices and contexts, catering to a diverse range of XR hardware. However, both VR and AR are currently in a single-tasking "MSDOS" phase of computing, where users are limited to running one application at a time.

XR development offers a solution to this by assuming that users can run multiple applications simultaneously, enabling the creation of cohesive user experiences that resemble Windows multi-tasking. Overall, the continuous evolution of VR and AR, along with the emergence of XR, offers developers a wealth of opportunities to create immersive and engaging applications.