Welcome to Pluto XR’s standards-based developer portal.

Here you’ll find resources to help you get started in creating standards-based XR applications using WebXR, Unreal or Unity.

By building applications using the latest technology standards like WebXR (opens in a new tab) and OpenXR (opens in a new tab), your application will be more portable, powerful, while also being simpler to develop.

You can build standards-based applications using WebXR, Unreal or Unity, and take advantage of standards forward technologies like PlutoSphere and Pluto Connect.

Our goal is for this to be a community driven portal, we welcome your contributions.


WebXR is a cross-platform technology for building interactive and immersive XR experiences directly in the web browser.

WebXR tutorials


Unity is a cross-platform game engine and development environment for creating interactive 2D and 3D games and experiences.

Unity tutorials

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a game engine and development environment for creating high-quality 3D games, architectural and product visualization, and real-time simulations.

Unreal Engine tutorials


Pluto is helping you access the power of XR PCs, regardless of what kind of device you have. Stream and play high-end PC VR games over the internet without needing a computer.

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Standards Based Approach

Encompassing the Pluto XR developer portal is a standards based approach for XR software development. The approach is twofold:

1. Utilizing the current state of standards

By building on top of standards like Open XR and WebXR, developers can make applications that are more efficient and portable. This will not only have the effect of lowering development costs cross platforms, but also give users a more consistently quality user experience.

2. Building on cutting edge standards

Creating standards can be a slow process of collaboration from a variety of stakeholders. There’s often a long time gap between when the standards are agreed to and when they’re full implemented in the industry.

By building on platforms that are early to the standards, developers have the advantage of knowing that future hardware, software and browser platforms will eventually adopt the functionality.

This often gives developers access to super powered functionality with the assurance that their software will eventually have wide support.